KDCP - Diagnostics and Connectivity

KDCP - Diagnostics and Connectivity


With our strong portfolio of diagnostic tools & connectivity products, we are making this world smarter, safer and sustainable

KPIT's broad range of diagnostics & connectivity portfolio, is helping manufacturers, service providers and technicians to remotely monitor their devices/ machines, find faults faster, and diagnose errors more accurately, thereby effectively enhancing the performance of the products and the user's overall experience.

Our product portfolio of platform, tools, and applications is adopted by vehicle and device manufacturers to remotely monitor their products, develop processes and carry out diagnostics to reduce downtimes, enable predictive maintenance thereby improving profitability.

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Platform and Tools

Here's how we can help you transform your business with our Diagnostic & Connectivity products and tools

Diagnostic Tools
Expert tool to
author ODX 2.0.1 & 2.2.0 Data
Expert tool to create diagnostic specification data for an ECU using ODX 2.0.1
Designer NG
Expert tool to create diagnostic specification data for an ECU using ODX 2.2.0
ECU Editor
Tool to create diagnostic specification data for an ECU
ISO-Diagnostic Stack compliant Tester
Graphical IDE for OTX based diagnostic sequences & GUIs
Cloud Ready Runtime Environment-Engineering, Production, Aftersales
User License and Update Management
KPIT's Diagnostics Portfolio

KPIT's products help you sense and monitor the condition of your device through its entire life cycle, including R&D/Engineering, production/EOL, and after-sales. These diagnostics tools enable guided fault finding, remote diagnostics, along with intuitive graphical interfaces for user convenience.

To enhance your device's/machine's performance predictability, productivity and uptime, leverage our diagnostics expertise in design, guidelines, specification, data authoring and validation.

Decoding Vehicle Diagnostics
Build the Next Generation Diagnostics Platform with Us
With increase in end-users expectations, competition and changing business models- there is a significant increase in complexity of vehicle electronics, and number of ECUs involved.
At KPIT, with over 2 decades of domain experience, we understand the key challenges and can help you address them with a full suite of Diagnostics & Connectivity Products PLUS services offerings around them. Watch the video to know how.
Diagnostics - For a Smarter tomorrow
Holistic Diagnostics

Why is a holistic approach necessary? 
Our approach dramatically reduces design and maintenance efforts

KPIT offers a cutting edge holistic approach to address the problems caused by siloed development processes
diagnostic connectivity
Have a question about our diagnostics & connectivity portfolio?

KPITs Diagnostic Expertize and Connectivity Platform and tools
Diagnostic Business Unit for a Smarter tomorrow

KPIT’s Vehicle Diagnostics Capability
Build the Next Generation Diagnostics Platform with Us

Vehicle Diagnostics + Predictive Analytics for the automobile industry
KPIT solution is powered by social networking and cloud technology

Embedded Vehicle Diagnostics - Paving the Way for Remote Diagnosis & Repair
Complex modern day vehicles need advanced diagnostics for first time right fixes, and with expectations.

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