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KPIT Connectivity Solutions


Transforming the in-car experience with our scalable and embedded software solutions and products for Infotainment & Instrument Clusters.

Infotainment Systems, Instrument Clusters, ADAS and Head-up Displays (HuD) are together transforming the driver and passenger experience inside the car. This experience is equally or at times more important factor in customers buying decision. It is therefore at the forefront of OEM investments and is often critically reviewed during the program development.

Technology explosion in smartphones and consumer electronics industry is creating pressure to deliver similar or superior experiences from the in-car information systems. There is a stronger push from the market on integrating nomadic devices viz. smartphones, tablets, etc. with the in-car information systems.

Cars themselves getting more sophisticated in terms of the feature set, overall puts another complexity dimension where the HuDs and Clusters now have to show more information than ever before, in a swanky Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Industry Challenges

Looking for an independent partner with expertise in areas of HMI design and development,
Testing Automation and Software integration?

KPIT is a partner of choice to Automotive Industry to deliver best in class solutions and products across automotive subsystems like Infotainment, Instrument Clusters, Body Controls, Powertrain, AUTOSAR, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and Diagnostics. Our cross-functional experiences from the ecosystem and investments in cutting edge technology-based automation suites help to position us uniquely in the infotainment domain.

KPIT has been an engineering partner offering infotainment & instrument cluster solutions to major Automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers for the last two decades having designed, developed and tested several hundred features for production programs. An active member of GENIVI Alliance - our industry best practices and domain experiences from AUTOSAR and ADAS has enabled us to leverage our industry experience to provide high-end future-proof infotainment solutions for seamless in-vehicle mobile experiences.

While our 'Konnect' solution helps to transform the automotive device-connectivity experience, our 'KIVI' software platform (KPIT In-Vehicle Infotainment), is GENIVI compliant and agnostic of the hardware/operating systems being used, allowing compliance across Linux, Ultron, Proprietary OS, QNX, Win CE and Android.

KPIT's proprietary 'K-Vision', a Fully Automated Vision Based Testing Tool, is customizable, modular, tool agnostic and reusable across multiple vehicle programs & variants to help you reduce time-to-market, testing cost and provides complete test coverage for your HMI testing of In-vehicle Infotainment and Instrument Cluster requirements. Such integrated technologies are fast becoming an area of differentiation for automakers helping them reduce their overall product development costs and effort.

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Our offerings

engineering and management

Requirement Engineering and Management

Turnkey HMI Development & Integration Partner

Turnkey HMI Development & Integration Partner

Independent Software V&V Partner

Independent Software V&V Partner

Software Integration Partner

Software Integration Partner

End to End Program Ownership

End to End Program Ownership


Why approach multiple partners for different aspects of Requirement Development & Governance when it can be serviced under one roof?

KPIT can help you with Requirement Governance Framework and workflow with Requirement Integration phase. We provide HMI Modeling based rapid prototyping of requirements with simulation environment and requirement validation on target.

Our GENIVI compliant K-IVI platform for rapid performance validation on target for high-end HMI concepts with domain-based governance and management workflow helps differentiate it from the market.

KPIT partnered with a leading Automotive Tier 1 for its HMI Design, Business Logic and Middleware development for a high end Infotainment System
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KPIT performed HMI design & application development for a high quality feature-rich Infotainment system of an Automotive Tier 1
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Are you looking for HMI platforms that are scalable-yet cost effective with reduced time-to-market?

KPIT can help you as a consultative partner providing solutions on the best suitable tool from the feature, performance and cost point of view. We help you choose the right framework to reduce HMI development time as well as extend HMI framework for advanced HMI concepts, including infotainment Digital Clusters and Augmented Reality Head-upDisplays, etc.

With the increasing software complexity in Infotainment systems and Fully Configurable clusters, are you worried about the quality & Reusability of test assets across platforms?

The client was looking for a partner who could independently develop and deliver a high quality HMI, future-proof of any technology innovations with 2 years of production program. KPIT was involved in a range of activities across the development lifecycle that included Centralized configuration, HMI design & application development and Verification & validation strategies.

An Automotive Tier 1 Partners with KPIT for V&V of Instrument Cluster Software
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Are the growing trends of evolving sourcing models pushing the requirement of a strong integration software partner for you to the surface?

KPIT's domain, software & management experience along with the industry know-how enables us to position as a Software integration partner for OEMs. KPIT as an integration partner promises to deliver solutions that are not only platform agnostic but build similar software assets for Infotainment and Digital Clusters leveraging Platform Specific [QNX/Android/Linux] Software Integration Packs and K-vision and ITFs for Integration testing.

With trends of shortened automotive products' life-cycle, time to market and costs; are you looking for Software Tier 1 /Tier 2 that can perform end-to-end Infotainment Software Development, Integration, and Testing?

KPIT's proven product development infrastructure and governing processes along with the experience from various engagements in the industry, positions us as a Software Tier 1 for OEMs. KPIT as a Tier 1 / Tier 2 partner designs, delivers and integrates entire software stack [HMI to Platform] along with Change Management Support and Program Maintenance utilizing software assets like KIVI, Konnect, K-Vision, KSAR and HMI framework components.


KPIT has helped automakers engineer products including Multimedia applications like Navigation, telematics; using technologies like HMI - HTML5, Qt, Bluetooth Integration, CE Device Connectivity, and Cloud Connectivity.

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Integrated Engineering Partner for a Leading OEM
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KITE: Integrated Test Environment for Automated Testing for Vehicle Connectivity
Cloud-based Integrated Test Environment for automated testing of Head Unit, Instrument clusters, Cloud and Mobile

Standardization in HMI implementation - to improve reusability & reduce cost
How can we drive standardization in HMI implementation - to improve reusability

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