Chassis Systems

Chassis Systems

It has become crucial for OEMs to meet the demands of higher fuel efficiency and adhere to stringent emission standards. These requirements lead to bringing a lot of changes in the vehicle structure and design, such as adding more electronic components to the chassis systems, which is a key driver for growth in this industry.
However, OEMs face many challenges while developing such electronic solutions, such as - prolonged time to market, difficult to adhere to various safety regulations, and keeping a check on the costs. With its cross domain expertise and 15+ years of experience in Chassis Systems, KPIT can address the challenges mentioned above and help OEMs & Tier1s succeed.

Focus Areas
Deployable Rear
Active Roll
Brake System
Adaptive Cruise
Air Suspension &
Damper Control
Air Bag
Terrain Response
Seat Belt
Electric Power
Assist Steering

With our vast experience in automotive, we deliver solutions driven by expertise. Our offerings in Chassis domain include:
EPAS, Deployable Spoiler
Electronics Hardware
Mechanical sub systems
Braking (ABS, EPB, ESC), Integrated Chassis Platform Air Suspension & Adaptive Damping, Roll Stability, Electric Park Brake, Airbag, Active Seat Belt
New functionality development Feature ownership
ECU Software
Integrated Chassis Platform
Re-architecture of multiple chassis applications leading to ECU reduction and centralization
Horizontals across all areas
Specification Development
ISO 26262 Compliance
Model Based Development
KPIT has extensive experience working on Steering & EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering) programs for Concept Development, Software Development, Maintenance, and Testing. We have worked with 6+ OEMs and Tier1s for our EPAS solution. We have the expertise to offer complete EPAS system as a product as well as EPAS as a service involving Software, Hardware, System Development, Modeling & Simulation.
Looking for an EPAS Solution?

Years of Experience in Chassis and Safety controls
Chassis production program experience
OEMs & Tier1s who rely on KPIT for Chassis and Safety controls
End to end development: Rich Experience in Chassis domain including System Development, Feature Ownership and Functional Safety Implementation

R&D Investments : End to end development of EPAS system
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Our Team is Happy to Address your Embedded Software Challenges in Chassis Systems
Success Stories

Electric Power Assisted Steering
The goal of this project was to develop EPAS system ECU prototype for a motor manufacturer KPIT successfully demonstrated the prototype in car selected by customer. EPAS application included development of Power assist, Damping and returnability features in demo vehicle
Deployable Rear Spoiler Control & Software Design for a major Automotive OEM
Design and Implementation of Deployable Rear Spoiler (DRS) control, fault diagnostics and software implementation for a luxury OEM. The spoiler needs deploy at certain high speeds and retract back at lower speeds. Implementation of diagnostics to protect the equipment and to build safety measures for protection of personnel

Chassis & Safety
KPIT is trusted technology partner in chassis & passive safety delivering end to end systems development

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