Case Study

Case Study

HMI Design, Business Logic and Middleware development for a high end Infotainment System of an Automotive Tier 1
About the Client
The client is a leading manufacturer, specializing in infotainment and connectivity, tires, brake systems, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components.
Business & Technology Context
The manufacturer wanted to build a unique and feature-rich infotainment system for the future vehicle models. This infotainment system had to be delivered within three years.
The production program objectives involved development of multiple features of superior quality, HMI screens, modules, and themes while achieving superior quality, with full test coverage and time-to-market. The client was looking for an engineering partner who could completely own the activities such as HMI & applications development, verification & validation along with strong program governance, delivery, and quality management capabilities.
Thus, they chose KPIT considering its deep domain expertise, delivery excellence, and platform know-how (KPIT's Proprietary In-vehicle Infotainment Platform - KIVI).
Key Highlights

Story boarding to identify gaps in HMI requirements

HMI screen development through automation

Daily build, Static code analysis, Unit testing, Integration of multiple tools through KPIT's proprietary tool "CBA- Continuous Build Automation"

Tailor-made solution provided for OEM specific requirements with GENIVI Connection Manager

Worked on extensive set of tools used across the entire development cycle

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KPIT's know-how in GENIVI Connection Manager built more credibility that enabled the company to bag additional responsibility for the development of Middleware Layer
KPIT's Solution

KPIT was involved in a range of activities across the development lifecycle that included:
  • HMI design & application development around applications such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Audio/Radio, Media, Connection Manager, Messaging, Phone, Vehicle Functions and more
  • Business Logic development & some part of middleware development
  • Verification & validation strategies – for unit testing, functional testing and integration testing
As a part of the engagement, KPIT delivered:

400+ Features
450+ HMI Screens
17 Modules
3 HMI Themes
The complexity of the engagement demanded multi-location development, periodic delivery reviews for achieving the above milestone and rigorous quality control.
Success Factors

Extreme quality control with focus on tools and automation : 100% reviewed artifacts, 100% coverage of critical use cases, 1,400 defects identified & rectified
Verification & Validation Strategies - 100% traceability with respect to the requirements
Quick ramp up capabilities - KPIT scaled up to 5 times of its initial capability within 2 months
KPIT's robust delivery processes & well organized team structure helped in achieving all the deliverables within the desired time
Tags: infotainment, GENIVI, HMI, Qt, QML, V&V, Bluetooth connectivity, Vehicle functions, business logic, middleware development, application layer, navigation, unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, HMI Screens, HMI features, unipro, IBM Doors, CM Synergy, Change Synergy, KLOC Work,, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody, Bullseye, SiTEMPPO, C++, Google Test Framework, Valgrind

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