Automotive & Mobility ecosystem needs to navigate the software puzzle with the right strategy, make/buy software components and invest in the right platforms. But what is right way to do it? Only experience of 100s of production programs can promise a direction. In this webinar series, team KPIT will share their experience of taking software from prototype to production while navigating multitude of software integration challenges.
Spend 60 mins and explore avenues to reimagine mobility.

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How can we design and configure system where Adaptive and Classic AUTOSAR co-exist?

Adaptive AUTOSAR
Validation & Testing
What will our experts discuss?

Requirement of High Computational Power for data intensive applications such as AD/ADAS and connected cannot be satisfied with SoC processor alone. In such cases there is a need for Adaptive AUTOSAR. However, safety critical systems will continue to be operational on AUTOSAR Classic.
Adaptive AUTOSAR is not here to replace Classic AUTOSAR. In Next generation vehicle platforms, both these standards will co-exist. How KPIT can help in defining such systems?

About the Speaker

Anders Kallerdahl

Subject Matter Expert, KPIT

9 November


10:00 am EST
04:00 pm CET
08:30 pm IST

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • What should Adaptive AUTOSAR be used for?
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR and classic AUTOSAR – what is really the difference?
  • We cannot replace all classic AUTOSAR ECUs How to define which ECUs will go with Classic AUTOSAR and which ones with adaptive AUTOSAR
  • How can we design and configure a system where Adaptive and Classic AUTOSAR co-exists

Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone looking for Solutions in Adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Anyone working in ECU development for AD/ADAS, Powertrain, Cahssis, Body and Conencted Domains
  • Anyone working in Autosar and functional safety compliance
  • Managers who want to increase productivity in software integration for ePT components