Happy New Year!

As we step into the new and promising 2020, let’s celebrate all the achievements, accomplishments, fun and sweet memories we lived through in 2019.

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The New Beginning

A new KPIT was born. You helped us steer it successfully through the first year, Thank YOU! Together, we achieved newer heights and learned new things. We believe we will cover many more miles and continue Reimagining Mobility for creation of a cleaner, smarter & safer world.

KPIT Sparkle 2019

The fifth edition of KPIT Sparkle received more than 2000 ideas from around 22,000 engineering and science students across India. The 30 best teams presented prototypes of their solutions to the jury and incubation partners

Team Aqua from Army Institute of Technology, Pune, won the platinum award of INR 1,000,000 for developing a vertical axis water turbine (VAWT), which is 24% more efficient than a conventional system. The turbine can be used for both small and large-scale energy production

#WomenAtKPIT- International Women’s Day 2019

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. -Michelle Obama

We salute women all over the world and at KPIT for all their dedication, perseverance, courage and achievements.

With KPIT you empower us to Reimagine Mobility for creation of a cleaner, smarter & safer world

We went public- KPIT Technologies got relisted on NSE and BSE

We got our #BrandNewKPIT. New website, new look and a renewed essence. Across the world, YOU embraced it, loved and promoted it. Thank YOU!

It’s the things we can’t see that shape the world. With KPIT, YOUR work is everywhere, tirelessly processing the world around us. Our brand allows us to reach further and grow our presence in the future. Dynamic and energetic, yet refined and simple.

Know more about our brand, visit https://www.kpit.com/thenewbrand/

Symphony At KPIT

In 2019, we embarked on our journey to be nothing less than excellent at everything we do – to institute a Culture of Excellence. Culture and Excellence are broad terms. “Culture is a set of repeated behaviors, across time, across company”. Our conviction is that these repeated behaviors must map to “Excellence” in whatever we do! We really need to instill excellence into everyday living that each one of us are going to be accountable for and instill the same into our teams too.

A workshop series titled as “Symphony” was rolled out in 2019 and many senior people at KPIT were empowered with few competencies. This program will be rolled out to a large audience in 2020 and every KPITian will benefit from it.

Fun at KPIT
Time flies by but memories stay.
Fit at KPIT

Time flies by but those abs stay.

Give at KPIT

At KPIT we give back to the society and the planet. We care.

Reimagining People Policies at KPIT.
  • Cool down in winter- Global shutdown from 26th Dec till 31st Dec.
  • No variable pay till grade-F and lower variable component at grade-G.
  • Medical insurance for employees and parents in India with free health check up for all employees and their family members.
  • Cherish fatherhood with five days of paternity leave.
  • Stay insured Insurance
    • Group personal accident: 20 lacs
    • Group term life : 10.05Lacs
Every KPITian Matters- Reimagining Alumni Network

Once a KPITian always a KPITians- Ravi Pandit said “Locations change, jobs come and go, career choices evolve, but what we take with us through them all, is the growth of knowledge, the joy of memories, the warmth of relationships and the richness of friendships.”

We launched the KPIT Alumni network this year and it has grown strong. As of today we stand at 4000+ members. From social entrepreneurs to successful business person, from creative geniuses to sports enthusiasts, KPIT has nurtured a very diverse set of people. We celebrated this year, their successes and life journeys. Further, we initiated Green Channel for all our alumni who want to rejoin.

Know any alumni? Do direct them to https://alumni.kpit.com

Accolades we received
Associations that made us proud
Events that we rocked!!
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5 responses to “Rewind 2019”

  1. Rajesh (India) says:

    Achieving leading retention in KPIT by reducing attrition by more than 50% was a collective effort and proud moment for many of us. Kishor shared this with all stakeholders in Q2 comment and we have made more progress. We had set a challenging goal and exceeded it.

  2. Vishwajit (India) says:

    Rolled out Brand New KPIT. https://www.kpit.com/thenewbrand/ 🙂

  3. Monika Singh (India) says:

    My best professional moment was when I joined the KPIT Marketing team. It is a great experience till now, filled with amazing learning opportunities. Looking forward 🙂

  4. Raspreet Singh Jaggi (India) says:

    Cheers to Company leaders and their commitment towards excellence. Their focus today make our customer yell proudly “Automobelievers”. Looking forward for exciting opportunities to proliferate professionals with enthusiastic goals.

  5. Nithesh (India) says:

    A great year at KPIT, It was filled with a lot of learnings and experiences. One of the best professional moments was the brand launch. Our LinkedIn Page has captured all the moments well, here’s a link to it: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kpit/

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