Which country has the credit of the longest traffic jam in history?

“China holds the reigns for the longest traffic jam to date. In August 2010, the country experienced a traffic jam that spanned more than 62 miles and lasted 12 days. This was caused by several trucks that were carrying coal to Beijing. Bethel, New York and Chicago, Illinois are the places that come next in list of wors traffic jams”

Adaptive Cruise Control feature is categorised as what level of automation?

“At Level 1 the driver still needs to maintain full situational awareness and control of the vehicle.

Adaptive cruise control falls into this category. When you catch up to that left lane hog, the car will automatically slow down to match its speed with no intervention from you. Lane keeping assistance falls into this category as well, as the car will gently guide you back into your lane as you start to cross the line. “

What did NYPD use as vehciles to pursue speeding motorists before 1900?

“The New York City Police Department used bicycles to pursue speeding motorists in 1898.

The same fact is featured in ‘Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Vroom!'”

Can you guess whats the first vehiclethat people used was powered by..?

“In 1769, the very first self-propelled road vehicle came into existence. It was a military tractor invented by French engineer and mechanic, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. He used a steam engine to power his vehicle, which was built under his instructions at the Paris Arsenal. In 1832 came Electric cars which was invented by Scottish Inventor Robert Anderson, Lastly German Nikolaus Otto discovered a really efficient gasoline engine. Otto was a traveling grocery salesman who taught himself engineering. During the 1860s, he tinkered with various engine designs and, in 1876, finally came up with a really efficient gasoline engine, which worked by methodically repeating the same four steps (or “”strokes””) over and over again. Virtually every car engine has worked the same way ever since.

Credits : www.explainthatstuff.com”

Which one do you think has the most lines of code?

“Lines of code:

– Space shuttle is 400k

– Fighter Jet is 24.7 million

– Boeing 787 is 14 million

– Modern day cars is over 100 million”

How much data is an autonomous car driving from San Francisco to Sacramento expected to generate?

“Assuming moderate traffic , the ride from SFO to Sacramento in California USA could take approximately 90 minutes. During this time four terabytes of data is the estimated to be generated by a autonomous car. In comparison , about 5000 people extensively streaming on the internet are expected to consumer in a day :)”

Till now how many countries have legalised autonomous vehicles testing on roads?

“10 countries (Or specific cities/towns in these countries) -US, Singapore, England, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Japan & Finland have opted to look at far reaching implication of autonomous driving and allowed to test autonomous vehicles in select cities. They are broder frameworks build on safety, accountability and ensuring safety is not compromised. It is anticipated that, with current rate of technology development -autonomous driving will potentially be commercialised between 2020-2025”

We all love entertainment & navigation in our cars? When did the first IVI(in vehicle infotainment) systems get launched?

The first IVI systems emerged in the early 2000s as touchscreens to play your music, or get GPS navigation assistance. Bluetooth connectivity started getting popular,hard drives shipped inside cars for data storage. Post 2005 USB slots made their appearance to store and play MP3s. The GENIVI Alliance was founded a few years later in 2009, to drive the widespread adoption of an open-source development platform for IVI.

P.S : Our colleagues at KPIT have played key roles in the GENIVI consortium, contributed to specification building and held leadership roles

Average number of ECUs a high end luxury car have?

In 1970, Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs) was introduced in the automotive industry and since then, it has played a fundamental role in transition of Automobiles from being a completely mechanical to being an electronics/computer powered machine.

Today, high end luxury cars have over hundred in-built or installed ECUs in them. For example – a BMW 7-series vehicle is estimated to have 150+ Automotive ECUs to control and regulate the functions of the car.

How many lines of code power a modern day car you drive?

A modern high-end car features runs around 100 million lines of code, and this number is expected to grow to 200-300 million in the near future . Automobiles are becoming extremely complex products. In the 1950s it mostly took mechanical engineering, today automobiles are full of computers running algorithms that determine performance. Even low-end cars have embedded more than 30-50 so-called Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that talk over Controller Area Networks (CANs). With more functionality , the number of ECUs is growing all the time – to help consumers experience autonomous driving, connected cars, electrification & more