• Engineer is responsible for generating the user experience logic and flow for new features and customer facing technologies
  • Responsible for benchmarking, researching industry and non-industry landscapes, and documenting interface requirements.
  • Engineer will maintain long-range HMI strategies for infotainment, instrument clusters, steering wheels, comfort controls etc.,
  • Experience in Linux, QNX, and/or Android based projects either in C, C++ or Java
  • HMI development using Tools such as Altia – Preferred
  • Domain Knowledge and experience working in Instrument Clusters
  • Hands on experience in Design principles. [V Model, MVC, Behavioral pattern etc.
  • Ability to analyst and synthesize a software solution
  • Development experience in multiple HMI projects
Education level
  • Degree in engineering (any of the discipline) / MCA
  • Relevant experience of 5 to 15 years
Job Specific skills
  • Clear in OOPS concepts
  • Other HMI tools such as EBGuide, CGIStudio, Kanzi, LuxSoft Populus
  • Experience in other proprietary HMI tools is acceptable
  • Knowledge of Linux usage and programming
  • Usage of design patterns in HMI development or any other area
  • Localization , Skin, Themes handling
Personal Attributes
  • Customer focus
  • Global mindset
  • Building Relationship
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Leadership
  • Create HMI systems which are par excellence, which encompasses man, machine and the ecosystem
  • Effective visualization of driving and entertainment information help the driver control the car and focus on the road
  • Opportunity to redefine the relationships between in-car entertainment system and personal mobile information terminals
  • Redefining Automotive Human-Machine Interface technology with focus on safety, customization, and interaction without distraction

Subject matter expert



Linux | QNX | Android | C | C++ | Java


3-15 years