• Provide oversight and guidance to other data scientists/analysts on projects and ensure quality of deliverables
  • Build methodologies and standards to prepare, extract, and analyze different data variety of data sources
  • Participate in all aspect’s requirements gathering, data acquisition and preparation, hypothesis generation, ideation, coding, testing, and deployment of data driven solution
  • Be able to organize, manage, and analyze varied and large data sets, then connect dots and identify solutions and suggestions that can help our team reach its goals
  • Conduct open-ended data exploration to evaluate and solve business/science problem or create new opportunities
  • Write and speak about technical concepts to business, technical, and high-level audiences and giving data-driven presentations
  • Timely deliveries while working on projects
  • Use data science toolkit (Supervised, unsupervised models, reinforcement, and probabilistic machine learning models) & data visualization techniques


  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in engineering
  • MS preferred


India – Pune /Bangalore /Chennai

Positions Type


Job Summary

The Data Scientist will be responsible for reviewing, analyzing the dashboards and reports developed by analysts, use ML algorithms to build the predictive models. He/She will be responsible for guiding Jr. Data Scientists as well.

Skills & Experience

Must have skills:

  • Should have experience of at least 5+ years with Data Science
  • Should have a 4+ years’ experience in Python
  • Should have experience in pandas, numpy, sklearn, pyspark, tensorflow, keras etc.
  • Should have hands-on experience with one of Tableau, Power BI, Redash, Plotly etc.
  • Should have hand-on experience working on Cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP)

Good to have Skills:

  • Should have hand-on experience working on data bases – structured, semi-structured and unstructured
  • Should have Basic Knowledge of CI/CD Pipeline
  • Should have excellent communication and written skills
  • Sound familiarity in Versioning tools (Git, SVN etc.)
  • Experience Mentoring students is desirables
  • Knowledge of latest developments in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization in Automotive domain.
  • Open minded approach to explore multiple algorithms to design optimal solution.
  • History of contribution to articles/blogs/whitepapers etc. in Analytics
  • History of contribution to Open Source e.g., contributed to sklearn, pandas etc.

Pandas, numpy, sklearn, pyspark, tensorflow, keras

Tableau, Power BI, Redash, Plotly



5-8 years