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Businesses look towards KPIT not only for multiple CRM solutions but for the extensive experience that we have in CRM consulting. They rely upon
KPIT's team of consultants to help overcome challenges, meet strategic objectives and achieve a competitive advantage by enabling
them to connect and respond to their customers in a smart and proactive manner.
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KPIT's service offerings include
What can our consultants do for your organization?
KPIT has a team of certified functional and technical consultants who have deep technical expertise in implementing solutions across our focus industries and great experience in successfully carrying out complex integrations between CRM and ERP systems (SAP ECC). We help clients analyze and optimize customer centric processes (sales, marketing & service), including automating them when required. With us, clients can fulfill their business requirements better and improve new customer acquisition while retaining existing customers.
Success Stories

A lead management firm was facing challenges with their existing systems. These included a lower rate of lead to opportunity conversion, lack of analytics and reporting and inaccurate status reports on closed leads. KPIT identified the Salesforce Partner Portal as the tool to enable lead creation and tracking with a custom solution to convert leads to contacts and accounts. This solution also allowed internal users to create and assign leads to partners. This solution provided a lot of benefits to the customer including an increase in the number of leads with a higher conversion rate of leads into opportunities and sales with a faster turnaround time.
A 'Campaign and Deal Management' company was facing challenges with their existing systems which were part of an off the shelf solution. These included a complicated and unfriendly user interface with no configurable options and a lack of automated workflow approval process. KPIT identified the challenges and created a new, wizard driven solution with a rich user interface and also automated the complex workflow process. This solution provided a lot of benefits to the customer including a custom solution that was widely accepted by the users with integrated, automated workflow processes leading to faster turnaround times.
A Market Fund Management company was facing challenges with their existing Siebel system to manage customer funded activities. The system lacked automation to capture source data, the visibility to manage & track funds allocated to Partners across regions and a robust claims and payment management system. KPIT identified the challenges and created a solution with the ability to define market budgets by business units, and allocate funds to Partners and Salesforce integration with Partner payment system. This solution simplified the fund/budget management for the customer and allowed partners to claim funds and improved budget tracking for internal users and partners.
The customer was facing challenges with their existing system as SLAs used to get breached due to differences in agreement between contract and business rules. Also, the standard Salesforce capability was unable to address the customer's business requirements resulting in a lot of manual processes causing low productivity. KPIT developed a custom solution that implemented Entitlement Management at the Service Contract Level including variation in Entitlement processes to cater to the service agreement with different customers. The customizations included triggers, Visual Force pages, workflow and approval processes to automate many of the requirements for which solutions are not available out of the box. This solution enabled the customer to specify and enforce unique service levels for each customer, such as first response and resolution times and track to closure. It also resulted in reduced SLA breaches and a quicker response time to the customer.
The customer's current solution was unable to withstand the variable load on the system because of the cost involved. Also, frequent changes in user requirements made it difficult to support and maintain the application. The solution was also unable to sync data coming from different data sources with the central database. KPIT developed a custom solution that ensured high availability with 24/7 support for critical business users with Onsite / Offshore model and maintaining integrations with other systems such as SAP. The solution incorporated Secured Web Services for data synchronization to provide optimum operational speed in remote areas considering bandwidth constraints and Administration, Configuration and Customization tasks to support customer business requirements. This solution resulted in a significant gain in processing and getting critical data related to agreements, licenses and implementations for the client. This also led to higher cost savings due to inbuilt, flexible and on-demand Cloud hosting features. The solution was scalable with flexibility to sustain variance in data load and reduced the cost involved in product hosting and support/maintenance.
The customer's current solutions was plagued with redundant customer records due to lack of data exchange between Salesforce and the system of record(s). Intervention was required from IT to synchronize Master Data with Salesforce while manual intervention was required on an event of exception/error resulting in SLA breach. KPIT developed a custom solution with a robust middleware that implemented real-time integration. Workflows and Approval processes were used to automate many of the current manual processes and an error handling framework was developed to eliminate data-loss during error handling. Appropriate escalation automations used to notify respective stakeholders in the event of an exception were also put in place. This solution resulted in a real-time synchronization of data across Salesforce and SAP and other system of records. The customer was delighted due to case resolution without SLA breach.
The customer's current solution lacked a sales solution to manage deals, resulting in higher turnaround time, and lost deals. This lead to lower rates on lead conversion to opportunities. Manual data upload to synchronize data across multiple systems was also an issue. KPIT implemented a sales solution framework with Salesforce Sales Cloud objects and few custom objects. These included a Lead and Opportunity Management system and a robust integration framework (real time & batch) to aid the data synchronization across the respective systems. This solution resulted in a better and result oriented management of sales information and sales process resulting in significant improvement in deal closure. End users were satisfied with the system resulting in improved turnaround time and a robust and faster synchronization of data across the respective systems
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