Utilities and Energy

Utilities and Energy

Our Focus

KPIT consultants and specialists help you find innovative and cost effective solutions to complex industry challenges. We have focused on the six key areas that make the biggest impact on your success in the Utilities and Energy industry
Corporate Business Transformation
How KPIT Helps

KPIT brings a multidisciplinary approach synchronizing people, process and technology to deliver results across the entire value chain of Utilities and Energy companies - generation, transmission and distribution, for regulated and deregulated Utilities as well as Engineering, Construction and Maintenance companies
Infrastructure and Technology Competencies
HTML5, Web, Mobile, .NET, Java & JavaScript, Custom Development
In addition to these focus areas, KPIT offers a full suite of services to solve any challenges you may face

Advisory - Enterprise Resource Planning - Talent Management - Supply Chain - Testing - Infrastructure - Mobility - Project Management - Reporting & Analytics - Digital Transformation - Engineering - Organizational Change Management - Training - Managed Services

KPIT Solutions

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