Automotive and Transportation Industry

Automotive and Transportation Industry


Specialists in Embedded Software for Automobiles Across

Passenger Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Industrial & Farm Equipment

Aerospace & Defense
Over the last 20 years, we have had a unique opportunity to be partners to 100+ Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s in the world helping them adopt and ride this paradigm of automotive electronics software. SAFE, COMFORTABLE, CONNECTED, and CLEAN have been our key drivers in developing functionality for our customers OR in products we have developed. We have also had the opportunity to understand various imperatives posed by regulation, government policies.
Driver Assist Solutions & Readiness for Autonomous
System & Safety Engineering | Controls | Validation Solutions ( Bench & Field Testing) | Ready to adopt ADAS algorithms | System Engineering Expertise in Camera based | Multi Core Process | AUTOSAR / Functional Safety Alignment | WhiteBox Solutions Approach. Read more >
Embedded Software for Powertrain & Controls
Model Based Development | Model Based System Engineering | Control Engineering | Validation solutions across SDLC | SIL-MIL-HIL Solutions | Calibration. Read more >
Comfortable & Connected
Connectivity Solutions
HMI Design, Development & Testing | Automated Testing Frameworks | Validation Solutions | KPIT In-Vehicle Infotainment Middleware Platform (KIVI) | Connectivity Solutions like KONNECT | Virtual Reality Implementation. Read more >
Body Electronics
Body and Security features software development | Body Requirements Management | Verification and validation | New Product Development and Localization. Read more >
Intelligent Transportation Solutions 
Gearing you up for standardization paradigms
KPIT Basic Software Stack - KSAR | KPIT AUTOSAR Configuration Tools | Adaptive AUTOSAR Consulting | Consulting for Autosar Strategy | Autosar Integration | MCAL & Boot Loader | Migration Solutions | OEM Specific Customization. Read more >
Functional Safety
Functional Safety Engineering | Functional Safety Implementation | Assessment & Qualification. 
Read more >
Diagnostics & Model Based Diagnostics
Model Based Vehicle Diagnostics | On-board and off-board | Diagnostic Design & Specification Solution | Diagnostic Consultancy Services | Software Development & Validation Services. Read more >
Mechanical Engineering
Design Engineering | Product Engineering | Advanced Engineering | Advanced simulations for Safety, Comfort | Flow studies | Component & subsystem design | CAE | Should costing | Material compliance | Art to Part | Light Weighting | Product cost management. Read more >
One size does not fit all. Embedded Software, Mechanical, PLM, IT?
Lets us tailor the right solution for you.

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