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KPIT Technologies GMBH is a subsidiary of KPIT Technologies in Europe. KPIT GMBH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and strategically setup to drive new technologies, innovation from Germany.

The centers of excellence across Munich, Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Sweden look at local adoption of our best practices around the globe. With a diverse team comprising of 25+ nationalities , KPIT is a strategic partner of choice to leading Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s in Europe.

MicroFuzzy GmbH is a member of the KPIT group and specializes in solutions for Electric Powertrain. Read More

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KPIT’s articles in leading German magazine, HANSER automotive

HANSER automotive is a leading magazine in mobility. KPIT is leveraging HANSERautomotive as a thought leadership platform to share technology updates from our Automotive Business Unit. This magazine has published many articles by KPITians. It published “The car: An IT – architecture on wheels” and “Diagnostics in Adaptive AUTOSAR” by Bernhard Wagner, who is Subject Matter Expert for Diagnostics. The magazine also published articles, “Autonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence: an Approach to Achieve Functional Safety” and “Architectural Concepts for Autonomous Driving applications” by Olivier Bockenbach, a subject matter expert for KPIT’s Autonomous Driving team. An article by Gareth Floodgate, Head of Diagnostics Data CoC titled “Connected Diagnostics” was also published.

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Olivier Bockenbach

Subject Matter Expert Autonomous
KPIT Technologies

Bernhard Wagner

Subject Matter Expert
KPIT Technologies

Gareth Floodgate

Head of Diagnostics Data CoC,
KPIT Technologies

KPITians shared their thoughts on international forums on mobility and technology

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