Innovation at KPIT

Innovation at KPIT

We believe in innovating with a purpose
Our innovations help businesses to succeed and enrich their end users’ and customers' experiences. Companies across the globe partner with us to help them differentiate their business with our Engineering and Digital led innovative products, services, and solutions, thereby helping them to stay ahead of the competition. Our knowledge ecosystem of advanced technologies, purpose-driven engineering, and co-innovation network is built to engineer breakthrough technologies and bring simplicity to complex environments.
60 Patents Filed
(Filed till FY17)
Thus far, we have filed more than 60 patents and published 100+ research papers (for national and international conferences) in the following areas:
Electric Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Battery Management System (BMS)
Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM)
Mechanical Engineering and Design Services (MEDS)
High Performance Computing (HPC)
Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)
Innovating with KPIT's CTO Function
The KPIT CTO Function (formerly known as Center for Research in Engineering Sciences and Technology, in short, CREST), is our Research and Development (R&D) arm. It is responsible for
KPIT's focus on Innovation
Enabling Viable Innovation
Drive innovation by having a consolidated view of technologies across our organization and create innovative leadership offerings. In this regard, the CTO function focuses not only on turning ideas into viable offerings, but they work with delivery functions and customers to ensure first successful implementation of the incubated product, service, or solution in the customer environment.
Innovation Framework
KPIT's Innovation Framework enables an environment conducive to free exchange of ideas and nurturing a culture of innovation within and outside the organization - among employees, academia, research labs, start-ups, etc. KPIT's Innovation Council, a part of the Innovation Framework has on board, many experts from the industry and academia. The council is guided by PadmaVibhushan Shri Dr. R.A. Mashelkar and it serves as a forum to provide updates on the innovation related activities conducted by KPIT around the year.
The CTO function is accredited as a research and development facility by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Ministry of Science and Technology. This recognition is a proof of our excellence in the research domain, successful technology demonstrations from time to time, and strong connect with academia and research institutions.
Focus on Engineering, IT, and Digital
Our unique blend of Engineering, IT, and Digital technologies helps us to innovate technologies of tomorrow, today. It’s our focus on engineering future-ready technologies that helps us deliver quality products and solutions to the global markets - not just FAST, but FIRST.
Engineering Innovative Technologies
Co-innovating with customers to transform their business KPIT collaborates with customers to co-create innovative products, services, and solutions to solve their most pressing business and technology issues. With our extensive experience across key focus industries, deep domain and technical expertise, and engineering excellence we have been innovating transformational products and solutions in the areas of Automotive, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management, among others.
Vehicle Diagnostics + Predictive Analytics for the Automobile Industry
This solution, powered by social networking and cloud technology, enables constant monitoring, diagnostics (remote, automated and guided), and predictive analytics for vehicles.
Traffic Demand Modelling Journey Risk Management (JRM)
Enabling a low cost and more accurate traffic modelling solution by leveraging Mobile Network Data (MND) to derive an understanding of the movement of travelers and creating a city’s traffic density map.
Innovative, Enterprise Wearable platform designed to offer a suite of enterprise applications on wearables such as, Smart Glass, to allow hands-free experience for hands-on workforce.
Journey Risk Management
Handsfree and Non-intrusive Assistance for Everyone in the Cargo Segment.
Want to know how we can help your business transform with innovation?
Fostering Innovation
We believe that ideas can come from anywhere. Thus, it is important for us to nurture a culture of innovation within and outside the organization, provide a platform to attract innovative minds, and bring forward bright ideas to develop smart, safe and sustainable solutions. For us qualities such as intelligence are a starting point and we achieve success in innovation as a result of collaborative effort, learning and persistence. Here are few programs that we conduct throughout the year to promote and celebrate innovation:

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