Managing the growing complexity of Automotive Electronic Systems is one of the current concerns within the Automotive Industry. Scalability of solutions within and across product lines is marginal. Today's hardware and component-driven development process is constantly replaced by a requirement based function-driven process.
Engineering does not only aim to optimize singular components, but also takes into account the system level purview. This requires an open architecture along with scalable and exchangeable software modules. Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) addresses these issues and improvises upon the quality and reliability of Automotive Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Software.
This workshop brings you an opportunity to get the basics of AUTOSAR right and also learn how AUTOSAR works in action. We bring  AUTOSAR fundamentals and key considerations in the AUTOSAR journey to the fore.
Who should attend?
  • New entrants to AUTOSAR
  • Experienced professionals in automotive embedded such as System Engineers, Software Architects, Software Developers, Software Integration Leads
  • AUTOSAR ECU Developers and Users (OEMs and Suppliers)
  • Developers of ISO26262 Compliant ECU
  • Project Leaders, Program Managers & Software Managers
What's new in this edition?
  • AUTOSAR North America Users group update
  • Migration from legacy to AUTOSAR
  • Functional Safety in AUTOSAR
  • C4KSAR – Third generation AUTOSAR tool based on ARTOP 4.4 standard and Eclipse platform with support of Xtend programming
Workshop Packages

Package 1: Getting the Basics Right
Access to Day 1 of workshop
Cost: $750
Package 2: Basics + Hands-On
Access to Day 1 and Day 2 of workshop
Free evaluation License of KSAR Editor for 30 days
Cost: $1250
Getting the Basics Right
Day 1

AUTOSAR - Overview and Layered Architecture
Basic Software (BSW), Virtual Function Bus (VFB), Run Time Environment (RTE) & Software Components (SWC)
Evolution of AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR Roadmap, Partial Networking, Migration from Legacy SW to AUTOSAR
Basics + Hands-On
Day 2

Functional Safety in AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR NA Users group Forum update, C4KSAR:
Tool Overview and Installation
Creating a project, importing of ECU Extract
Sample configuration and integration of OS, COM & RTE with a sample application
Meet the Trainers
Rajeev Joshi
Rajeev has 24 years of automotive electronics and software experience at OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 in various domains including multimedia, ADAS, climate control electronics and powertrain in various capacities including Global Sr. Manager and Assistant Chief Engineer. Rajeev currently is AUTOSAR Practice Director at KPIT for the US region.
Tracy Austina
Specialist from the Education and Competency Development team at KPIT, Tracy has keen interest in Automotive Electronics Software Standardization, In Vehicle Networking and AUTOSAR. With rich experience of over 15 years in Academics and Industry, Tracy has administered trainings for several Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. She has many patents and publications to her credit. In her current role at KPIT, she focusses on delivering training programs for hundreds of engineers and help them make best use of Embedded Software knowledge for various real life automotive applications.
Ambuja is associated with KPIT for 9+ years . She has 8+ years of experience in AUTOSAR and AUTOSAR Tooling. Her core competencies include Technical Expertise, Management Skills and Leadership skills.
KPIT's AUTOSAR Expertise

The AUTOSAR team at KPIT has been relentless in making best of breed AUTOSAR BSW and Editors and offers a large number of services including integration, migration from OEMs/ Tier 1s existing architectures
KPIT – Engineering Partner of choice for Automotive Industry
KPIT is a global product engineering and IT consulting partner of choice to Automotive Industry to deliver best in class solutions and products across automotive subsystems like Diagnostics, Powertrain & Chassis, Functional Safety, AUTOSAR, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Infotainment, Instrument Clusters, and Body Controls etc., helping to make mobility Smarter, Greener and Safer.
Glimpses of KPIT AUTOSAR Workshop 2015 held in Novi, Michigan
15 + attendees from major Auto OEMs & Tier 1s
3 KPIT experts with extensive understanding of AUTOSAR production programs
North American AUTOSAR users were introduced to K-SAR suite and got insights on layered architecture and importance of standardization
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