KPIT Difference

KPIT Difference

What differentiates KPIT from its competitors is the ability to blend Engineering and IT to meet
business purposes of its clients.
KPIT’s practices and teams from different technology, industry, and engineering domains work together to help drive purposeful innovation, high
customer satisfaction and make KPIT the leader in the focus industries.
Engineering and Information Technology
Engineering and IT are different, but complementary disciplines. We are highly skilled at both because the interconnection and interdependence between engineering and IT is deepening. For example, diagnostics comes through engineering, but technologies such as Big Data are required to make sense of the diagnostics data. Our vertical depth helps us to be a part of the ecosystem of our customer's industry, and by focusing on few verticals, we understand each vertical much better.
Services and Solutions
We provide bespoke services to our customers in different industry verticals and develop industry-specific solutions that may be packaged in different forms such as a product or a platform based upon client’s requirements. For example, based on the customer’s requirement we may create a full hardware and software solution (such as, Revolo).
Domain Expertise & Knowledge
KPIT blends domain expertise and knowledge of both process and technology. We hire and train for these qualities and our customers place high value on this knowledge and experience.
Our Focus And Approach

As we endeavor to be the best at what we do i.e. partner with our clients to meet their business purposes, we are able to do
so by focusing on
Innovation & Collaboration
We use technology to drive meaningful innovation and sustainability. We collaborate with our customers at every stage of development and support.We co-innovate to help them globalize effortlessly and build a smart, inclusive and sustainable future.
Industry Focus
Our vertical niche and deep understanding of focus industries enable us to be specialized providers for our clients.We provide relevant, proven, efficient and affordable solutions that are often based on intellectual property (IP) created by us and thus deliver predictable high business value.
To us, leadership means earning the highest mindshare and wallet share of the major players in our industry verticals and being known for thought leadership as evidenced by IP, technical papers, and solutions. We constantly endeavor to stay ahead of the curve. Our efforts have been recognized and awarded across numerous industries and geographies.
Core Functional Excellence
We are committed to delivering high performance and providing products and solutions of the utmost quality to meet our client's expectations. We do so by

Having customer focus through Global Account Management and standardization of the highest level of key processes across the company.

Focusing on excellence in productivity and quality in global solutions and service delivery that is measurable and recognized by customers, and tools and techniques that allow us to maintain software quality as we scale.
Continued innovation for and within our core industry verticals and in line with our mission to provide
We believe that recognition of our interdependence with our ecosystem is the first step towards creating a sustainable world. To us, sustainability goes beyond being just financial or operational sustainability. It extends to include environmental and social sustainability as well.
Quality and Customer Focus
We understand that organizations are committed to providing the highest quality in every aspect of their business and that their priorities evolve from time to time. Our matured processes help us to deliver to our client's expectations i.e. high quality and right-first-time deliveries that are on schedule, every time. Our quality systems deliver measurable performance with efficient project management and risk reduction, shortened development cycles and lesser overruns of time and cost.
We have built world-class processes and have systems in place that allow us to be adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of these clients. We innovate rapidly and provide bespoke solutions that meet their needs productively and cost-effectively.
This is our approach through which we demonstrate our commitment to the success of our customers. We combine our expertise with that of our customers and help them harvest the greatest possible business value.
Process Excellence
Quality of processes defines the level of customer satisfaction, and thus, we drive unparalleled process excellence at everything we do at KPIT. We have a metrics-driven system for process excellence in place, and our robust process frameworks and policies are exemplary for our industry peers. KPIT's process excellence team successfully drives transformational projects for clients by:

Adhering to high-quality standards, transparent practices, and exhaustive communication mechanisms aimed at creating complete customer experiences.

Fostering a strong six sigma culture within the organization. We have identified Six Sigma as a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology.

KPIT participates in a number of leading technology and industry events across the globe and conducts
focused events and webinars from time to time. Have a look at our Event Calendar and connect with us.

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