KPIT is one of the fastest growing and future-focused technology company and is globally
recognized as a creator and provider of Innovative technology solutions to its focus verticals.

While we help clients become efficient, competitive and profitable businesses, we also care about our employees, providing them not just
a great working environment, but helping them build a meaningful, exciting, and creatively-satisfying career in engineering and technology.


Be Your Own Navigator

By joining a young, intensely passionate company like ours, you too can make winning your way of life. We provide abundant growth opportunities that
helps you to become experts in your area, apply your knowledge to solve complex problems, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse scenarios.

We are looking for people who love to be at the forefront of innovation,

have entrepreneurial bent of mind, and value the idea of sustainability; those who will complement our passion for progress and our
desire to keep moving forward. We are looking for brilliant individuals who seek to control the direction and development of their
careers, thus mapping and navigating their own growth at KPIT.
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