A long standing initiative by KPIT that chronicles the lives of talismanic employees within the organization. These #GrowthAtKPIT stories are a source of inspiration to all, purely because of the longevity and loyalty demonstrated by these mavens.
Rookie to Leader
Restoring the nostalgic journey of employees who started young and now hold leadership roles
Sandeep Mishra
Manager, Technical (SAP BI)
"KPIT, as an organization has helped me recognize my full potential and allowed me to carve a promising career path. It is great fun at work, gelled with a lot of learning. In this ever-changing technology world, KPIT has kept me updated, motivated, interested, and provided a great work-life balance!"
Sujay Deshmukh
Process Manager
"I feel proud to be a KPITe. The organization embraces the idea of innovation and ensures there is a constant focus on providing opportunities for employees. It is important to celebrate what you have accomplished, however even more essential to raise the bar a little higher each time, to succeed!"
Nitin Bansal
Associate Vice President & Geo Head -
"With multiple avenues to excel and to keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive, KPIT has provided tremendous growth opportunities for me – personally and professionally. The experience has been versatile, and filled with learning. I have managed to create a niche for myself, thanks to the belief by the Top Management in my abilities. I urge one and all to keep innovating and be passionate towards work. The results will be amazing!"
Sandeep Jagwani
Group Engagement Manager
"It has been a wonderful experience of working at KPIT, added with a great amount of learning. The opportunities given to me to handle high stake projects independently, and later on with cohesive team members, combined with the experience of travelling on-site to manage global customers, has allowed me to shape my career in the right direction.

KPIT has always provided an open culture and environment where one can enjoy working at every moment of the day. Also, the various platforms given to employees to grow and choose work that suits their personality; helps in experiencing a significant, rewarding and satisfying career, and aspire for the best!"
Samir Kulkarni
"With a long standing association with KPIT spanning over 2 decades, I feel satisfied intellectually getting to do things that I like, liaising with excellent global teams and contributing to the technology space. This has allowed me to address my personal and professional goals together. My Growth At KPIT has been one to remember, all thanks to my inquisitiveness to learn, a collaborative environment at KPIT and the encouragement received from my senior peers and colleagues."
Tech Gurus
Establishing rewarding careers through sound technical acumen
Amol Abhyankar
Technical Manager (SAP HANA Architect)
"I am passionate about my work around technology, and always try to find out What’s New in my field of interest. KPIT has provided me with the opportunity to work on latest technologies, and contribute in various organizational activities. Together, we must keep a close watch on technologies of the future and envision towards collectively bringing a visible change!"
Amit Mathur
Subject-Matter Expert
"The day you stop learning, you stop growing. Be passionate about your work and develop the hunger to learn new technologies. An individual must be adaptive to change and avoid getting into the comfort zone. KPIT provides all the support in becoming the technologists of today, and of the future!"
Piyush Kulkarni
Project Manager
"In this technology driven world, everything is possible only if we are curious to learn and ready to work hard. Keep your eyes and ears open to observe what is happening across the world. At KPIT, an individual has enough opportunities to become an innovator and a technologist."
Manoj Bagul
Oracle MDM Solution Architect, India Practice
"At KPIT, there are many opportunities for everyone to succeed, and I urge everybody to look out for them. Learn new technologies and educate your colleagues about them. If you have the passion and enthusiasm for technology, and are willing to come out of your comfort zone; KPIT will provide the necessary support to fulfil your aspirations."
Ashlesh Garate
Functional Manager
"KPIT is a global technology company known for early adoption of new and emerging technologies and therefore, to stay relevant all KPITes must learn new skills, embrace new technologies as per the organization's mandate and allow predictable disruptions to keep us ahead of the competition."
Sandeep Mandloi
Technical Manager, Oracle SBU
"Love your work, take complete ownership of your deliverables, be passionate about technology and keep learning to continuously upgrade your skills. KPIT supports in fast-tracking your professional growth, so ensure that you identify your strengths, and channelize them towards achieving your personal and professional goals!"
Rajendra Jagtap
Solution Architect, EBS Solution
"Change is the only constant within the IT field. Yesterday’s technologies are nowhere to be seen today. New ideas and innovations are being brought to the fore every day. One thing to remember is that the journey of constant learning will involve letting go of our comfort zones and embracing changes, or else we stand to face the fate of the dinosaurs."
SaiKiran Krishnamacharyulu
Senior Technical Consultant
"Innovation does not happen if I stop everything else, and try to innovate something out of nowhere. Innovation is about doing regular things with a twist. There are no dearth of opportunities where one can prove and excel at KPIT. The organization has a strong culture of recognizing talent, and helping them further to achieve new heights. It is up to individuals to take every opportunity and develop themselves. The process of learning should never cease!"
Piyush Tamrakar
Lead Consultant
"Never Stop Learning because Life Never Stops Teaching. Try to maintain work life balance so that you can give proper time to yourself, your company, family and friends. I thank KPIT and my senior peers for giving me opportunities to find my true calling. Choose a life that allows you to keep your passions alive!"
Nishant Tholiya
Associate Vice President (AVP) & Global Practice Head - Powertrain, Vehicle Systems
"I have always received multiple opportunities and consistent encouragement from the management to try new roles during my tenure. KPIT promotes talent and provides a platform towards becoming an innovator and technologist. A true technologist is an individual who is passionate towards technology, strives to gain knowledge with experience, learns from his/her mistakes and issues, develops the ability to understand customer needs, and provides an apt solution to the customer."
KPIT Dream Merchants
Acknowledging those who made the right decisions and chalked out a glorious career over a long contributing tenure
Vinay Athaide
Associate Vice President (AVP)
"The past 20 years at KPIT have been nothing short of exciting and I consider myself blessed to have worked with the organization’s marquee accounts across the globe. Right from the days of Y2K to the current digital wave, I have been given responsibilities to prove myself and I thank my team members and senior peers, for their contributions in making me the person I am and supporting the growth aspirations of KPIT. If challenges, technology and opportunities excite you, then KPIT is the place to be. Stay on and enjoy the ride!"

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