Campus Placements

Campus Placements

Guiding, Training and mentoring for excellence
We strongly believe that each of our campus-recruits and interns have the ability to make a difference. We expose them to latest technologies and allow them an opportunity to apply their years of learning and knowledge into the work place. This enables them to contribute towards developing world-class tangible solutions from day one.
With our vast array of career opportunities and development programs, we help our new recruits and interns discover their potential and develop business knowledge and technological expertise

PACE or Program for Academic Connect and Engagement helps us attain the right DNA of resources for our respective practices. Based on certain parameters, PACE first identifies colleges and students to work with. Subsequently, our practice and TAG teams drive a specific calendar of activities to help these students connect and engage with the KPIT brand. Upon graduation these students are then directly absorbed into KPIT's respective practices.
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As per our policy guidelines, we do not reimburse the travel cost for candidates. New joiners are requested to bear their own travel expenses.
We cannot commit on transfer as this purely depends on business demand.
In the case of bond / agreement breach, candidates need to reimburse the Indemnity amount as per their accepted offer letter and agreement.
As per the offer letter, if any candidate has a backlog in any of the subjects, he/she will not be eligible to join the company. In such cases, the company has the right to revoke the offer letter.

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