KPIT's Beyond Work initiatives bring alive the Passion and a World of Awesomeness,
away from the drudgeries of everyday work; where we take fun seriously.

We believe everyone should break from the routine for some time, and think beyond work and follow their passion. Because
eventually it is this passion that drives us to do more and better in every sphere of our life.

We keep our workplace vibrant and buzzing.
The Beyond Work team comprises a bunch of energetic, enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals who spearhead various
recreational and fun-filled activities across the organization.
Beyond Work Clubs

KPIT Beyond Work team caters to a wide variety of interests - sports, music, photography, art, theatre, treks, and even runs several CSR initiatives. Employees can be part of the different clubs, and participate in various activities to reenergize themselves and their teams.

cultural club
Cultural Club

The Cultural Club aims at developing social interaction and encourages employee's interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership and decision-making skills. Culture Club is one of the most popular clubs in the company. Cultural evenings, Antakshari, Dandiya Nights are Culture Club's forte.


To allow employees express themselves while enlightening their peers.


To provide a comforting vent for employees who are inclined towards sharing their imagination and talent.

theatre club
Theatre Club

Theatrical Finesse is showcased during various dance, drama and musical events organized by the Theatre Club of KPIT. KPIT has participated in Expressions 2010, an inter-IT event that combines various art forms, and bagged second prize for the play "Second Chance".

The club promotes learning about theatre through activities, field trips and performances/productions.

It strives to foster an appreciation for all forms of the performing arts and to provide opportunities for artistic growth.


To showcase innate skills and talent.


To boost confidence.


To help discover oneself.

olympian club
Olympian Club

Olympian Club organizes sports events, facilitates employee participation in various sports tournaments and competitions that are held in and around the city. Various Intra-company sports events such as, Cricket, Chess, and Table Tennis tournaments attract large crowds, both as players as well as the audience.


To develop physical fitness by maintaining and increasing components such as speed, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity.

outdoors club
Outdoors Club

The outdoors club organizes weekend treks, nature trails, and adventure outings.


To provide an organization where both experienced outdoor enthusiasts and beginners can meet and benefit from one another by sharing their experiences and collaborate on a variety of activities.

cerebral club
Cerebral Club

The Cerebral Club aims to broaden the intellectual horizons, by promoting thoughtful reading, writing, discussion and brainstorming sessions amongst the employees. The Cerebral Club is all about keeping gray cells charged up!


To promote better mental health.

To lower stress levels.

To promote happiness and satisfaction at work, improve personal growth and increase self-acceptance.

photography club
photography Club

The Photography Club, a global event, caters to all the shutterbugs and motivates more and more colleagues to take up photography as a hobby.

An annual company-wide 'Photography Contest' is one of the most eagerly awaited events at KPIT.

The clicks from employees are shortlisted and the best ones are rewarded and appreciated by displaying them within the company premises.


To learn and explore


To capture moments so that they could last forever


To express emotions

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