October 2017 | Mumbai: Renowned technology strategist and a respected woman leader at KPIT, Ms. Manaswini Rath, (AVP, ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Group) was recognized as the Science and Technology Leader of the Year 2017. The title and award were bestowed upon her at the Future Woman Leader Summit and Awards 2017, held on October 5th, 2017, organized by UBS Transformance at Westin Garden City, Mumbai.
The award highlights her contributions to the areas of technology and business, which she has been an active part of, for the past 14+ years.
Manaswini has authored 14 patents applications and has contributed to 40 publications in journals and conferences in her career. She holds substantial experience in leading the innovation system and practices at various organizations, and has successfully architected many technology solutions.
Manaswini Rath with the award and special recognition certificate given out at the Future Woman Leader Summit and Awards 2017 in Mumbai.

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