100MN lines of code
Can your vehicle development face a bigger challenge?

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The pursuit of the mobility ecosystem to build THE Autonomous, Connected, Electric automobile of the future is rolling in full steam.

In a few years from now, we are looking at automobiles having a 100MN lines of code plying on the streets. Which means, getting the software strategy and execution right will be of top priority for an OEM/Tier 1 like yourself.

This next gen mobility will not only require the domain knowledge but also require tremendous expertise in the Software Development, Integration, Validation and Deployment.

We at KPIT, have the right ingredients to take a piece of software from thought to production and make it work like charm amongst this 100MN lines of code.

At CES 2020, visit KPIT to meet our passionate experts and experience our platforms, tools , accelerators that will help you accelerate this journey towards new age mobility.

Connected Vehicles

  • KITE: KPIT’s solution for automation of “functional testing” of cockpit ECUs, either individually or in an integrated manner with multiple ECUs. KITE takes a “Function Block and Codeless Scripting” approach to ensure high reusability of test assets.
  • Konnect: Super Connectivity Platform that enhances the Connectivity User Experience through Secure, Multi-device, Cross-domain Communication for varying data size and latency. Included in the platform are preconfigured profile configurations such as Remote Control, Streaming, Projection and Connected Services that accelerates the development of common use cases. Technology is battle-tested in production for security as well as functionality and has been in mass production for more than 2 years
  • KPIT e-Cockpit Reference Platform : Best in class multi-display eCockpit system based on lightweight Containers that combines Android for automotive with production tested KIVI software & ADAS primitives to provide a unique platform that is fast, nimble and production ready. The AUTOSAR based vehicle node handles the safety and regulatory functions. The 3D HMI combined with Intelligent Personal Assistant provides a cohesive user experience across the entire e-Cockpit including but not limited to In-Vehicle-Infotainment, Instrument Cluster, Passenger Display/RSE

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Autonomous Driving

  • Demonstrate Software Partner strategy to make your AD Software (L2 to L5) Safe and Production ready through domain experience, Scale, Experience in Production Programs with Leading OEMs
  • Accelerate your Feature Development for L2 to L5 Autonomous through KPIT developed AI/ML/DL based data driven functions Blocks
  • Complete Solution for Feature and Component Validation of Camera, Radar, Lidar, AD Features through Open and Closed Loop Simulation using OPEN DRIVE and OPEN SCENARIO format
  • Complete Solutions for Dependability: Functional Safety, Security and SOTIF

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Electric Powertrain

  • Access to KPIT’s Battery Management Solution platform that will accelerate your development of Electric Vehicle
  • On-board charger and V2G communication solutions for your charging infrastructure
  • ECU Virtualization solution to simulate the performance of numerous ECUs in your next-gen vehicle

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  • Build your features like OTA, onboard diagnostics, V2X communication and many more on Adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Enable the IPC Communication between Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Various applications on Classic AUTOSAR

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Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Build Cloud based Assisted Diagnostics solutions for real-time diagnostics using KPIT’s ready platform
  • Application of AR/VR & Voice Interactions in Diagnostics
  • Understand various use cases of Tele-diagnostics, Prognostics and much more

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Experience the platforms, tools and accelerators-

KPIT brings to face up to this challenge

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