Learn why customers are moving to a unified, cross enterprise approach to product data and how having an effective Product Master Data Management (MDM) solution in the cloud can significantly reduce time to market, among other benefits.
Accurate and up-to-date product data across all sales channels drives both customer confidence and brand loyalty. We will share use cases of where customers successfully leveraged Oracle Product Hub Cloud to overcome these challenges.
Deepak Gupta
Global Practice Director / Chief Architect, KPIT
Webinar key highlights

Drive superior omni-channel commerce and customer experience
Accelerate product introduction and time to market
Streamline trading partner collaboration
Ensure regulatory compliance and enforce data quality and governance standards
Attendee desired profiles
Leaders in data management, manufacturing, quality or IT should consider attending. Those that will benefit include Director of Quality, VP of Sales, VP of Customer Service, VP of Manufacturing, Director Warehouse Manager Master Data Management Director, Business Intelligence Director, Oracle Upgrade PM, Applications Director/Manager, CIO and IT Director.

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