Case Study Snapshot
SCG Logistics, a leading logistics provider in Thailand, was looking for an end-to-end integrated platform which provides enhanced visibility across their supply chain and maximize efficiency. They wanted to optimize and streamline transportation and global trade management. To address these challenges, SCG evaluated multiple options and finally chose KPIT, looking at the industry and technology expertise.
After analyzing business challenges and other strategic aspects, KPIT recommended implementing Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Global Trade Management (GTM).
"KPIT has good expertise in Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Their proficiency in IT consulting and solutions, along with their abundance of powerful resources and teamwork enables the success of our OTM implementation. Most importantly, The team has always been there to support us and shared the common goal - The success of the project - with full commitment. With their diversity in IT competencies, KPIT has paved the way to blossom a long term relationship, encouraging us to do more business with them in the future."
Khun Apiradee Durongbhan
Director, International Logistics Services Division
SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd

Material Handling
and Automation
KPIT Advantage
Comprehensive Logistics consulting and implementation offerings
High exposure to Logistics domain expertise
Efficient and responsive global delivery model
Experienced Oracle Logistics resource pool
Project Management expertise
RF Technology solutions including labeling, printing, scanning, and packing
Deep knowledge of Warehousing and Logistics Business Processes
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SCG Logistics Success Story
Watch this video to learn how KPIT helped SCG Logistics streamline their transportation and global trade management with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Global Trade Management (GTM) respectively
Read Transcript
Transcript: SCG Logistics Management Success Story
Introduction and Project need
My name is Apiradee Durongbhan. I work as - Director International logistics at SCG logistics. I have been with this company and the group for more than 30 years. SCG is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in Thailand, established 104 years ago.
We wanted to improve our service to the customer. Previously, when the customers wanted to do International logistics they had to contact two companies in the group - SCG trading for Ocean freight and SCG logistics for domestic. Therefore, the customer had to contact many nodes within SCG group. So we realized that we should have one end to end logistic company that satisfies to our customer, and then the project started with Oracle and KPIT.
Project Overview
The project is end-to-end logistics that involved implementation of global trade management, Oracle Transportation management and document management. There were three more modules - first was a kind of preventive risk from the compliance and then Oracle transportation management, and then we had document management. So these three are expected to bring the best logistics provider to the customer satisfaction because it can reduce your risk of international trade with the help of GTM. The GTM checks the compliance, license, law and regulations, and taxes that you have to know before you start international trade and logistics.
Being a third party logistics provider, the visibility is the key for end to end operations and without end to end system you cannot have customer satisfaction, since you cannot tell them when they will have the goods and what will be happen next. So the visibility with end to end track and test can help the customer to know what happens to the products with our better service.
About KPIT
Within the past two years, KPIT showed strong commitment - from their top to ground team. They worked very hard for the success of the customer. What KPIT did is more than business, but was a relationship in a long term with customer. This is not just a beginning or just an end, it's just a start of doing business together. KPIT shared their experiences in transportation management by giving us some advice and some good solutions rather than what we know.
Ending Statement
KPIT is the best choice if you want to implement OTM.

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