KPIT, PTC ServiceAdvantage partner, is a proud sponsor of PTC's BOM Virtual Conference on May 21st, 2017. Find our what are the benefits of a complete, digital BOM at PTC's Virtual Conference.
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March 21,
Free Virtual Conference
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm EST
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Establishing a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) is the cornerstone to your digital product transformation. It's critical for engineering, manufacturing, the supply chain, and downstream teams. All need easy access to an up-to-date BOM, in a way that meets their needs. Let's face it, PLM is no longer just an engineering activity - it is an enterprise initiative and a shared responsibility.
The good news is that the transformation doesn't need to be an overhaul. It can be incremental, based on your priorities and business needs.
Attend PTC's virtual conference to find out more. Choose from multiple presentations and demonstrations to explore where you can start with your digital transformation. Topics will include:
BOM visualization

Change management

Component and supplier management

Production planning

While you’re there, stop by our virtual booth to find out what’s new at KPIT.

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