The automobiles, medical devices and industrial equipment of today has taken a quantum leap in capability and complexity compared to their relatives of just a decade ago due to the embedded technology enabling them to be Smart and Connected
Availability of new enabling technologies, ever-changing customer preferences and intense global competition are pushing manufacturers to bring smarter and more intelligent products to the market - faster. These trends are driving a new approach to designing, developing, and optimizing products where software-led innovation and integration of software with broader product life cycle has become imperative.
Many manufacturers across industries have started moving to a platform approach to innovation that ties together not only ALM and PLM but also other complementary pieces of the innovation process, including supply chain, manufacturing, and service. However, manufacturers must try to get answers to some fundamental questions, in context of the unique traits of their business:
How to establish model-based systems engineering for proper design and change control of products?

How to best service those products over time?

How to leverage the data flow from the product on performance, usage, and quality - for better service, an optimal customer experience, and improved future innovation?
Read this IDC whitepaper to understand how KPIT can help businesses in following industries
Medical Devices
Designing and Optimizing Connected Medical Devices
Designing and Optimizing Connected Manufacturing
Designing and Optimizing Connected Automobiles
Read this White paper from IDC to understand how the aforesaid challenges and needs can be addressed and gain valuable insights into:
Why IDC believes KPIT is uniquely positioned to support discrete manufacturers
Ramifications of the increased software and connected products
Why manufacturers are moving to a platform approach to innovation
Management of the controls necessary to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and customer satisfaction
How are industries such as the medical device industry, leveraging connected devices to comply with regulatory compliance needs and achieve business benefits
“The manufacturing industry is too competitive and diverse for manufacturers to predict and react quickly to the competition and market needs on their own.”
Software development, management, and quality are the key factors in product differentiation and optimization for large discrete manufacturers. KPIT provides the full slate of consulting, systems integration, and data analytics decision support that connected product manufacturers need.
We have deep expertise in software development, analytics services and platform, and PLM/ALM integration. We offer configurable process templates for industry-standard software development tools. Our analytics tool called KPIT Klarity serves as a platform for aggregating information and data from various tools within the organization to offer consolidated engineering analytics. Klarity provides visibility into requirements, development process, resources, deadlines, and changes across ALM and PLM systems.
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