KPIT is proud to be a co-exhibitor together with Changepoint at the “EDM CAE Forum 2017” from 19th - 20th July in Stuttgart. The EDM CAE Forum is the central information and interaction platform for the EDM and CAE community of the Daimler AG and its partners.
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July 19th – 20th, 2017
ICS der Landesmesse Stuttgart, Germany icon-get-directions
KPIT’s key topics at this event will be around
How to transform business challenges into innovative solution approaches” or “implement solutions in an agile and efficient way in time and budget” and more.
Don’t miss our presentation about
“Speed up Innovation Using People-Centric Methods”
Meet the Speaker
Ulrich Heinzel
Managing Director, Vice President SBU EPLM Europe, KPIT Solutions GmbH

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