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COLLABORATE is a Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community composed of 17 tracks with over 1200 sessions.
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2nd - 6th
April, 2017
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Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Session Details
Date: Monday, April 3 | Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm | Track & Industry: Security; Governance & Master Data Management | Location: Breakers B | Session ID: 10047

Organizations are adapting efficient and robust features of iSupplier Portal in functional areas such as sourcing, two-way collaboration between buyer and seller, purchasing, payables, receiving, invoicing and collaborative planning. Attend this session to learn about the key features of rich internet-based iSupplier portal and understand how buying and selling organizations are reducing their operational costs and collaborating more efficiently.
Date: Monday, April 3 | Time: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm | Track & Industry: JD Edwards | Location: Islander H | Session ID: 103880

The Cat Code Tool for reporting has made SEC reporting easier for a public organization. Attend this session to know how KPIT has helped Buckeye get enhanced features on using Cat Code in Account Master for more accurate and comprehensive reporting. Learn how this tool has reduced manual intervention and is being scaled to other divisions of this company. The enhanced reporting capability is unique in this case and is being adopted by a wider user group within this organization. Hear how this tool has created multiple value additions for the business which includes a secure framework for correct reporting and also integrates with other reporting tools like Insight, Cognos, etc. This tool can be used in any industry and size for improving efficiencies.
Date: Monday, April 3 | Time: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm Location: Banyan E Session ID: 10025

Attend this session to know how one of largest supply chain company implemented Oracle Product Hub to subscribe data from 1worldsync, transform and publish back to 1worldsyc. Know how the global company along with KPIT's Product Hub solution, extended and processed new product information fetched from 1worldsync with no code change. Also hear about challenges faced by distributor, best practices, lesson learnt and business benefits from the experts of KPIT.
Date: Monday, April 3 | Time: 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm | Track & Industry: JD Edwards | Location: South Pacific A | Session ID: 103930

Executives are rapidly accelerating the adoption of cloud technologies to optimize their business. Yet, many IT organizations remain relatively unchanged. To take full advantage of Oracle Cloud, CIOs must restructure and transform their organizations. Attend this session to know about high performing organization models and their transition states moving from Megasuite ERP to Hybrid Cloud-ERP architecture. In addition, hear how KPIT's clients take advantage of emerging cloud technologies to drive innovation and deliver transformative business value.
Date: Wednesday, April 5 | Time: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm | Track & Industry: JD Edwards | Location: South Pacific B | Session ID: 104150

Executives are demanding that their IT organizations become more innovative and an enabler for driving transformative business value. A key challenge is that IT budgets and resources are primarily focused on 'keeping the lights on'. Attend this session to learn how utilizing managed services and cloud technologies can accelerate innovation while at the same time increase operational efficiency. This session will focus on innovation operating models that compliment a managed service approach, best practices to create a digital Innovation center and innovation funding strategies.
Date: Wednesday, April 5 | Time: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm | Track & Industry: JD Edwards | Location: Lagoon K | Session ID: 103720

We were doing an implementation of JDE 9.1 for a location that had been on an old green screen ERP. Their old ERP had a voucher error workbench where Accounts Payable and Purchasing had visibility to the errors that occurred during the vouchering process and where notes could be added for more clarity in resolution. This functionality was a requirement for the new system. We decided to use the standard VMA tolerance checking only modifying the input screen. We decided it would be more efficient to create an entirely custom workbench than to modify the VMA workbench. Our requirements included the need for the description of the error that caused the invoice not to voucher. We were able to use security & versions to prevent buyers from editing errors assigned to AP clerks and to allow AP clerks to edit errors assigned to buyers. This automated proper separation of job duties. The design also allowed AP clerks to focus on large volume invoice input without seeing the errors during entry.
Date: Thursday, April 6 | Time: 8:30 am – 9:30 am | Track & Industry: Security; Governance & Master Data Management | Location: Breakers J | Session ID: 10037

Attend this session to know about the usage of Digital Technology for Secure Supply Chain especially for Inventory shrinkage, which is the loss of products between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale/consumption. Also, hear about shrinkage cost that could vary between 2% to 4% of top lines and provides opportunities for better management and contribution towards profitability.
Date: Monday, Apr 3 | Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | Track : JD Edwards Enterprise One | Location: Lagoon I | Session ID: 114420

Digital transformation (aka digital disruption) is more than just a technology shift. It starts with business model transformation and creation of a superior engagement experience for our customers. Millennial customers want post-sale, on-demand, interactive response and attention. To keep customer loyalty, the customer's digital buying experience and request for product service needs a facelift for immediate/timely fulfillment. Optimized service management that streamlines your revenue coupled with better utilization of your resources and customer experience can effectively manage preventive, predictive & unscheduled breakdown's, a holistic balanced maintenance management strategy. Learn how augmenting the business value of JD Edwards with the appropriate and practical Oracle Cloud SaaS offerings, while at the same time leveraging the JD Edwards built in digital technologies, is a solution that addresses this concern.
Date: Wednesday, Apr 5 | Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM | Track : Oracle Management Cloud | Location: Breakers L | Session ID: 10619

Attend this session to explore the benefits of Fusion Product Hub Cloud. Know how to configure 100+ attributes (EFFs) in PDH and 1000+ value set values within a small timeframe. Hear how to use item rules to automatically generate EAN\UPC codes including checksum digit. Also hear about best practices, rapid implementation process and business benefits of Fusion Product Hub implementation by experts from KPIT.
See you in Vegas!

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