• Imagine this scenario- Every time a new and enhanced software version is available for my Smartphone, I
    would be required to visit my phone service centre, to have my phone updated to the latest version.
    Sounds archaic? Surely does.
    To be deployed in 100 M vehicles over next 10 years
  • We are fast approaching a state akin to the Smartphone industry, when it comes to our vehicles. Modern
    day automotive manufacturers are increasingly making a shift to OTA (Over the Air) Updates, in order to
    fix, maintain and improve vehicles through remote software updates downloaded to the vehicle from a
    cloud-based server.
    Highly data driven architecture
  • This trend will only gain acceleration as the drive towards Autonomous driving moves into top-gear.
    Portable across multiple OS
  • KPIT has developed an OTA strategy and a solution to specifically address this emerging market trend.
    Basis its rich experience in Automotive Diagnostics and Telematics, the OTA solution from KPIT can already
    be seen in action in numerous applications across industry segments.
    Supports gateway with H/W & S/W resource constraints
  • KPIT’s OTA solution primarily focuses on establishing a highly secure and a seamless software update
    process, enabling a vehicle to receive the required update packages. The software update packages are
    retrieved from the OEM’s servers, in accordance to specificity for a said ECU within the vehicle. A secure
    connection basis the protocol TLS 1.2 is established between the vehicle and the OEM OTA server, over a
    cellular network.
    Supports standard protocols (USD on CAN/IP)