SAP HCM & SuccessFactors

KPIT delivers the best of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors cloud technology, and provides customers with the right solution to solve their most complex HR problems from strategy to implementation.

KPIT offers an easy to use integration platform, pre-packaged integration content and rapid deployment solutions to integrate SAP and third party cloud or on-premise applications with SuccessFactors applications.

With over 900+ SuccessFactors projects completed and 550+ connected cloud customers, KPIT shares unbiased product knowledge to ensure your implementation, migration or upgrade to the cloud is completed quickly and efficiently.

Completeness of Vision & Services

  • Conception to Completion: HCM Strategy, Assessment, Software Advisory
  • Data Driven HR Integration & Planning
  • Accelerated Implementations: 4,6,12,16 Weeks. Rapid Deployment RDS
  • Application Management & Support Services: Flexible Plans, Pay-As-You-Go


SuccessFactors BizXpert Methodology

Our multi-certified SuccessFactors consultants and HCM cloud experts can also help you turn on new functionality from SuccessFactors releases following the SuccessFactors BizXpert Methodology.

 BizXpert Methodology SuccessFactors

The BizXpert Methodology is the foundation for all projects: KPIT designs and builds their services upon this proven methodology from preparation to the launch of the application.



SuccessFactors Cloud Benefits

Using world-class technology, SuccessFactors products and solutions — including talent management, core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics — you get better business results, by building more efficient HR processes, Your organization can increases growth, efficiency, productivity, and profit.

KPIT SuccessFactors-Cloud-benefits


To drive better business execution, you need technology that’s easy to use (so people will actually use it) but also sophisticated enough to tackle your biggest business challenges. It’s not easy to balance those two needs, but our technology makes customers smile and earns raves from analysts who rank us as the industry leader. We’ve made our mark with innovative solutions and continual improvement in these three areas:

  • Cloud: With cloud solutions, you don’t buy or maintain expensive hardware. You get a lower, predictable monthly cost and faster time to value. We deliver continual innovation with four releases a year and automatic upgrades. It’s more flexible, scalable, and secure, and it's faster than traditional software.
  • Platform: SuccessFactors contains a core set of functionality that is common across the entire software suite, whether you deploy the full suite or just one part of it. You get a seamless, integrated experience that encourages sharing information and gaining insight into your business.
  • Mobile: With smartphones and tablet computers, you can take advantage of the power of SuccessFactors, anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to get a job offer in the hands of a key candidate, answer a question that’s holding up a deal, or take action to keep a project on schedule.


Return on Execution (ROI)

Outperforming the Markets & the Competition SuccessFactors invests in its customers' stock and the results speak for themselves. Each company in the SF ROX portfolio — SF Research Return on Execution — realized almost 2x the returns of NASDAQ.


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