Vibrant, Dynamic and Fast-evolving. KPIT is all this and more

We help employees build a personality, not just a career. At KPIT it's all about learning new things, upgrading your skills, applying new ideas and maintaining a perfect work-life balance. This in turn helps you excel on all fronts, be it professional or personal.

At KPIT, you work alongside some of the brilliant minds and best-in-class technology while architecting futuristic and sustainable solutions. Here even the smallest of the ideas are valued, nurtured and explored of its potential. Do we succeed every time? Probably not. But this definitely helps keep the innovation ball rolling within the organization and get you excited to attempt the impossible and unordinary, every single day.

At KPIT, you can sharpen your acumen, apply your knowledge, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse challenges and opportunities. You will be a part of a great working environment, where you will be able to grow and advance your career.


KPIT provides you ample opportunities for you to discover your niche. Whether you are a C-level executive, industry veteran, a mid-manager or straight out of college, you will have equal growth prospects as what gets recognized at KPIT is your ideas and work. With KPIT you learn, grow and succeed. Learn More>


Employee Testimonials

We are as good as those who work with us. Take a look into what our employees have to say about us.

"KPIT is team of people, who are passionate about providing best-in-class solutions in Engineering and IT domain. The exclusive focus to achieve highest competency in selected industry sector helps us to concentrate individual's energy. You will have a complete and smoothly executed framework available to fuel your growth in these areas."


Sanjivkumar B
Sr. Program Manager


"I have been with KPIT since last 11 years. Freedom in work, working on Challenging Projects and latest technologies keeps me motivated to work with KPIT."



Rajesh V
Sr. Program Manager

Learning at KPIT

Our people add to our growth story. They are our change agents. We believe that our organization evolves with them. KPIT is filled with the brightest minds, actively working towards helping businesses evolve and become more efficient and integrated global enterprises. Our Talent Management Framework titled TMI@KPIT, made up of unique programs, ensures that all our people continuously upgrade and develop skill sets that are not only the need of the hour but also viable for the future.

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