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Terrific Technology - The Good, the Bad and the Awesome

By Manoj Mone on 25 January 2013

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Manoj Mone, working with KPIT Cummins as a Principal Solution Architect, lists some of his favorite 2012 moments from the world of technology, and is already excited about the tech possibilities in 2013.  

Terrific Technology - The Good, the Bad and the Awesome

What an amazing day and age we live in! Technology has changed more in the last decade than in the last hundred years.

In 2012 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (1 followed by 18 zeros) was created daily, meaning 90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years alone! As we gear up to welcome another exciting year, let’s look back at the hits and misses of 2012:


  • Oracle took the concept of cloud to the next level by announcing its unique cloud offering, RightNow CX
  • Symbian and Blackberry OS have been lagging behind, while Apple’s iOS has been going strong, despite the sad demise of Steve Jobs last year. Presently, Android is the only OS that is giving tough competition to Apple’s iOS.  The iPad has a mini companion, and the iPhone a slimmer successor. And the song that Sam-sung is chirpier than No-kia
  • The way customers embraced the fusion of phone with tablets -- ‘Phablets’ -- was another highlight of the year. Not everything was fun, and nothing was worse than the iPhone 5 maps that led us nowhere
  • Windows 8 was released that might actually revive the fate of Redmond’s giant, Microsoft.


  • The version 10 of Blackberry is “yet to ripen”. Let’s hope it sees the light of day soon.
  • Then there was Google’s nexus Q that didn’t see any queues for itself, given its steep price
  • 3D TVs remained a disappointment and the wait continues for the spectacle-less 3D TV viewing experience.
  • The Mayan prophecy came and went, but it was Sandy that raised a real storm.
  • A technical glitch delayed Facebook’s share market debut by 30 minutes and left quite a few investors worried.
  • And finally, Zynga pulling the plug on 11 of their games on Facebook  left me wondering whether the Farmville kin will breathe their last soon as well?

As they say, let the bygones be bygones. We have just logged on to another year, with the hope of having an even better tech life. Here are a few tech products that I’m personally looking forward to -

  • Firefox mobile OS is likely to make its debut
  • Microsoft’s much awaited tablet for business - Surface Tablet Pro
  • Amazon’s Kindle phone?
  • For the data that continues to grow Big, will we ever see refined frameworks that churn out actionable analytics that everyone would believe?
  • Will we finally embrace the cloud and finally say adieu to personal storage? Will Amazon be able to have an outage free year?
  • Social CRM peeped into the enterprise this year: will it finally make inroads into the enterprise?
  • BYOD may become a norm
  • Apple TV - A TV that we’ve all been waiting for, and like the God’s particle, has been within our grasp for oh so long
  • Leap Motion as a product, finally - Without touching your computer screen, you will be able to flip through photos or reach into a 3D diagram and manipulate objects
  • 3-D Printing will be refined further and will enter the mainstream


All in all, I wish 2013 be the year when we finally see something “New” and not just a make-lift version of everything we “knew”.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful, gadget and tech filled year.


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