KPIT provides smart and sustainable technology solutions to Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Defense corporations globally. Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. So, here on our blog, the sky's the limit. We welcome your comments and contributions on a wide range of topics. You might just inspire or create the next big idea!

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Latest imaginations

Is Virtual Private Cloud a game changer?

- By Lee Cocis on 1 October 2014

In this blog, Lee Cocis, VP-IMS, KPIT, talks about the advantages of being on a virtual private cloud (VPC) and KPIT’s offering in this space.

Data Science - Helping organizations make smarter, data-driven decisions

- By Vishnu Chevli on 26 September 2014

Vishnu Chevli, Data Scientist, CREST at KPIT talks about how data science is changing the way organizations are realigning their internal processes to the business goals, enabling faster decision making and driving value for their customers

Latest inspirations

Managing supply chain risks in the manufacturing industry

- By Sundar RG on 5 December 2014

Supply chains are constantly growing in complexity, increasing the probability of disruptions. Sundar R.G., Practice Head – Value Chain Solutions, KPIT, talks about major supply chain risks in the manufacturing industry and what organizations are doing to better manage those risks

Have you Experienced Music Therapy yet?

- By Swarita Murali on 5 September 2014

We all love music, in one form or the other. But did you know it had healing powers too? Swarita Murali, Associate, Oracle Training Team, takes us through her therapeutic musical world that she has designed at KPIT

Latest innovations

KPIT - Engineering Innovative Technologies

- By Automotive Team, KPIT on 21 November 2014

KPIT Technologies has been at the forefront of engineering future-proof, innovative products and technologies. Here’s a video by the Automotive Team that showcases the amazing things KPIT is doing for the automotive industry

Four reasons why SAP CEC lets you win & delight more customers

- By Abhishek Ratna on 31 October 2014

In this blog Abhishek Ratna, Marketing Manager, SAP Business Unit, KPIT, lists four reasons to opt for SAP’s Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) solution