Extended Product Lifecycle Management
Leverage KPIT's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) expertise to optimize decision making throughout the product value chain. Our product data experts bring more than a decade of experience handling a wide variety of complex, global PLM needs. Strategically manage the complete lifecycle of a product: from the ideation phase through to recycling and retirement. More than a technology solution, PLM focuses on process efficiency, rapid innovation, cross-functional collaboration, closed-loop quality control, risk mitigation, and cost-effectiveness. EPLM
  • Strategic Partnerships

    Committed to delivering innovative PLM solutions, we help our clients to find, implement, and operate the best PLM practices, processes and technologies for their business needs. We have strategic partnerships with all major PLM vendors, including PTC, Oracle, Siemens, Autodesk, and Aras.

    AgileAras InnovatorAutodesk 360TeamcenterWindchill   


  • PLM Advisors

    We help our customers to innovate and bring better products to market faster through best-in-class innovation, new product development and PLM strategies, practices, processes, and technologies. Our expert PLM consultants will help you find, implement, and operate the best PLM solution for your business needs. Read More.

  • Implementation

    Our partner certified consultants focus on helping you get the most of your PLM and CAD investment by offering services, tools and technologies to improve the quality of your data, create more efficient workflows, and configure and customize your processes to maximum efficiency. Leverage our experienced on-shore and off-shore consultants for:

    • Data Migration: Upgrade and migrate your CAD and PLM data. As part of this process, we verify the integrity of the data to ensure complete and error free migration of all data
    • Integration: Improve our proprietary tools and technologies help improve software usability and engineering workflow, thereby accelerating the adoption and utilization engineering software tools
    • PLM and CAD software upgrades
    • Program Management and Change Management
    • Enterprise Consolidation & Integration
    • Application Development and Customization Services: Configurations, Customizations, Process Extensions, Localizations, and ERP Integration
    • iLink: Seamless ERP to PLM integration
    • Tech Notes: Increase the usefulness, quality, and consistency of your technical notes
    • Legend Attribute Manager: Provide tighter MCAD/ECAD administrative control
    • CADi for Solid Edge: Integrate PTC® Windchill® functions into Solid Edge
  • Application Development

    Working with PLM and CAD software has given us unique insights into products that will improve Data Migration efficiency. KPIT's line of PLM products includes:

    • Legend, our proprietary data loading tool made specifically for enhancing control and predictability in data migration.
      Application Development - Legend Workflow
    • Profiler, a tool for validating incoming CAD data and verifying PLM standards compliance
      Application Development -Profiler


  • Managed Services

    Enhance your organization's efficiency, improve your IT cost structure, and provide an extra set of hands for an often burdened IT staff. Our technical team has the expertise to handle your unique requirements, whether we are completely managing your infrastructure, or providing remote system administration, staff augmentation, as well as mentoring/training your team. Read more.

    • 24x7 Secure Hosting
    • Proactive maintenance & monitoring
    • Proactive backup validation services
    • Performance tuning
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Staff Augmentation

    You may encounter gaps in skill availability that we can help you resolve. Whether it's a short term need for a highly specialized skill, or a long term project you are unable to staff, our certified consultants can be embedded in your project and act as members of your team.


Application Development

Maximize the Value of Your CAD and PLM Investment

Seamless CAD integration for PLM software ensures all your designs are leveraged throughout the product value chain.

Enhance Capabilities:

  • CAD integration and customization
  • Integration for unsupported CAD systems
  • WWGM Version Support Extension
  • Custom Application Development

Improve Efficiency:

  • Engineering Task Automation
  • Working Methods / Training Workshops
  • Systems Deployment and Management
  • System Performance Tuning

Increasingly, product companies use software to deliver innovation and differentiation while lowering products physical size, complexity and manufacturing cost. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a continuous process of managing the embedded software application from concept to delivery.

ALM is a process governance and management model supported by software tools to facilitate effective requirements management, software change and configuration management, and integration and test management in a single, unified environment.

While the ideal ALM environment calls for a unified framework tightly coupled with PLM, most engineering organizations are yet to realize that complete vision. Many organizations use a mix of software development methodologies and a myriad of formal and informal tools to manage the process, which impedes effective information exchange and collaboration.

Our Experience

KPIT has direct experience developing products for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics companies. We work with the leaders in these industries to develop embedded software for body electronics, infotainment, instrument clusters, and others. To learn more click here.

We are active participants in industry consortia and standard bodies such as Genivi and AUTOSAR, and have a network of partners such as Infineon.

Our Products

KPIT developed a number of products and capabilities that help our customer address some of the challenges of developing complex embedded software.

  • Medini analyze is a ISO 26262 compliance analyzer
  • StyleCheck allows developers check the compliance of Simulink, Stateflow and TargetLink models against guidelines such as MAAB, MISRA, and dSpace
  • In2Soft is an environment for authoring a diagnostic environment that provides guided fault findings and remote diagnostics
  • K-SAR is an AUTOSAR software stack and configuration tool for ECU design
  • KIVI is an AUTOSAR compliant in-vehicle infotainment platform


Our Services

  • ALM Maturity Assessment. We use a capabilities maturity model (CMM) to assess the current state and performance level of your ALM process, identify areas for improvement, and create a prioritized implementation roadmap.
  • Tool Evaluation and Selection. With a rich availability of ALM tools in the marketplace, it's critical that you select the most effective tools for your organization. Our experience and working knowledge of ALM tools and methods to identify the right tools for the task.
  • Implementation. We help companies implement and customize ALM software tools. For companies that prefer to simplify the implementation and management of their ALM environment, we offer a hosted option.
  • Migration and Integration. In all likelihood, your engineering teams already use some software development, configuration and testing management tools, ranging from sophisticated task-specific software to less formal tools such as Excel spreadsheets and email communication. We work with companies to convert and migrate content from these repositories and integrate various tools to allow seamless data exchange and effective collaboration.


Predictive Part Analytics for Engineering & Cost Management


AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in your engineering drawings and purchasing projections, helping you make smarter decisions for;

 PLM - Part Analytics


Our Customers on average gain

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Case Studies 
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