what is revolo?

Revolo is smart technology in action. This plug-in, parallel hybrid solution transforms vehicles, allowing motor and engine to work seamlessly for a completely fuel efficient, green automobile.

This innovation includes a clever battery management system, proprietary software, and mechanical assembly. Simply put, Revolo is a different view on hybrid cars, one that makes hybrid vehicles affordable for everyone.

a solution defined

Revolo can be charged from a standard source, like a domestic power outlet. With Revolo, the vehicle is never just an electric vehicle - if the batteries are discharged, it can continue as a conventional fuel powered car. The load sharing is seamless, and requires no user intervention.

It gets better. Inbuilt features improve fuel efficiency even further, like a Stop-Start addition that takes care of 'stop and go' traffic situations, and an intelligence that recognizes driving patterns, self-adjusting for better efficiency.

Revolo can work with all types of batteries, from lead acid batteries to lithium ion batteries. The solution has been designed to work without any interaction with a vehicle's existing Engine Management System (EMS). This makes it highly adaptable, and suitable for cars without electronic engines.

revolo components

  • Electric motor
  • Electric motor controller
  • Battery pack
  • Mechanical assembly and coupling
  • Proprietary software
  • Intelligent battery management system
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